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Your Preference: Beyond The Ordinary 

With insider connections in the world of contemporary and classical art, sustainable architecture and city planning we work with architects, city planners, experts in historic preservation, art historians and gallerists who share their expertise with you on location.

Bespoke shore excursions
to include special arrangements catering to your interests such as private wine tastings or appointments at local artisan stores.

Privately guided museum visits
beyond regular opening times or pre-arranged time slots with focus on reduced visitor density to avoid the masses and skip waiting in line.

More active engagement
with walking or biking tours, all the way to pristine nature experiences during guided mountain hikes.

Multi-generation agendas
considering the different interests and needs of family members of all ages from graffiti workshops to meeting Michelin star chefs.

Jim and Nancy Strong, Strong Travel Services Inc.:

"It is always a pleasure to work with Culture Trip, their quick response and understanding of the top end luxury client is outstanding. They are creative, most helpful and knowledgeable of current events."