Your Interest: Cultural Immersion  

Meet our local team members and have them introduce you to the cultural highlights and must sees not to be missed, while also sharing hidden gems and their insider knowledge off the beaten track.

Celebrate German traditions 
at festivals and special occasions such as Berlin Art Week, Bayreuth Opera Festival, the Passion Play, Christmas markets and Oktoberfest. We make sure you get to know the locals and their favorites.

Appreciate German design 
from world favorite cars to extravagant watches and fashion or learn all about traditional crafts from Alphorn carving to German bread baking.

Witness history
from Prussian era to King Ludwig, from Nazi past to WWII, from cold war to modern reunited Germany. We have a team of historian experts who meet you for indepth touring according to your interests

"Meeting with the preservation team and having them share masterpieces usually not on display due to their fragility felt like visiting art wonderland. 

A dream come true for me"  

Elisabeth Stalbaum, CA